k3 mapa assess industrial goods factories in China and Korea

Wiesbaden, May 17th 2018. Three factories of a major German industrial goods producer were assessed by k3 mapa in an internal evaluation in China and Korea.  The assessment is designed to enhance internal best practice sharing and will continue in European plants later this year.

In May 2018 a total of three factories were assessed by a team of headquarter experts and a k3 consultant. Each factory assessment lasted two full days and consisted mainly of structured interviews, a factory tour and a standardised questionnaire, which was answered among a team of factory representatives and the answers were challenged by the experts and consultant.
“The spirit in the societies and the factories was positive. People want to achieve and work for it. In Europe the welfare state has almost deleted this spirit” summarizes Thorsten Schuppenhauer – k3 managing director – his impression.

He goes on by appreciating the recent developments: “I am extremely impressed. In 1997 I lived a month in China and visited Beijing and Shanghai back then. It is unbelievable how the country has changed the last 20 years. It seems to be a different country. While in Europe we muddle through the mess and Germany is falling further behind due to an irresponsible financial and economic policy, both China and Korea have defined long term strategic goals and they seem to achieve them”.
k3 mapa is a top management consulting company which is focused on implementation. All our consultants have at least 10 years international experience, and come from industry champions or the best companies in the consulting world. k3 provides expertise in the core functions of the value chain. It is through this expertise that k3 can help its clients tackle complex cross-functional improvement endeavours (business excellence), function specific interventions (functional excellence) as well as project and interim management (project excellence). For more information: info@k3-mapa.com

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