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k3 mapa finishes turn-around of international transport company

Wiesbaden, May 6th 2022. k3 mapa has successfully finished a turn-around project with an international transport & logistics company. During the project costs were reduced, liquidity enhanced & overall profitability improved. During the final statement the CEO demonstrated his deep….

k3 mapa: are you prepared for 2022?

Wiesbaden, November 14th 2021. As we highlighted in our recent press release, we strongly believe the – still increasing – inflation will continue to exist in 2022. But, also the existing supply chain issues will be an important topic the….

k3 mapa sees inflation staying for years

Wiesbaden, August 17th 2021. Inflation has arrived and will stay for various years. Both money supply and output demand factors favour this forecast. Money supply will stay strong as central banks need to keep interests rates low and production output….

k3 mapa assess industrial goods factories in China and Korea

Wiesbaden, May 17th 2018. Three factories of a major German industrial goods producer were assessed by k3 mapa in an internal evaluation in China and Korea.  The assessment is designed to enhance internal best practice sharing and will continue in….

k3 mapa assess automotive factories throughout Europe

Wiesbaden, March 7th 2018. Five automotive factories of a major German car producer were assessed by k3 mapa in an internal evaluation. The assessment reveals major disparities between the factories. The director operations manifests his complete satisfaction with the findings…..

k3 mapa sees rough times ahead

Wiesbaden, March 1st 2018. The global debt is still rising and has reached unprecedented levels. The debt levels are not sustainable and will result in lower demand in the future. Companies need to take proactive countermeasures. Everyone knows the Black….

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