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k3 mapa performs a short operations analysis at a site in Mexico City of a German pharma company

k3 mapa performs a short operations analysis at a site in Mexico City of a German pharma company

Wiesbaden, Madrid, March 8th 2015. In November 2014 k3 mapa has performed a short operations analysis at a site in Mexico City of a German pharma company. Focus was on better data gathering of production interruptions and requirements for increased production levels of the existing equipment – i.e. improvements of the OEE (overall equipment efficiency).

„Mexico is a strategic site in our global production network. Until 2019 we aim to produce and sell 30% more. However the equipment already operates in three shifts 6-7 days per week. Using k3 we want to analyze the options to increase production using existing equipment. In parallel we will invest in new equipment but until this is in place we need to secure the increased volumes via an improvement of the OEE.”

„We advise our clients also outside of Europe. This is facilitated by most of our colleagues being multilingual. We only advise on projects where our advisers speak the respective native language”, explains Thorsten Schuppenhauer, managing director of k3 mapa who also speaks Spanish and has worked on various projects in Latin America. “Our clients appreciate our business model: advisers who know the headquarters in Germany and speak the local language, are an ideal intermediary between the headquarters and the foreign site”, comments Thorsten Schuppenhauer further.

The short analysis has identified data gathering weaknesses regarding the OEE. In addition the analysis has identified wider ranging issues in the areas production, maintenance and production planning.

„The short analysis has been a success. The cooperation with k3 and its employees has been exemplary. We are now considering the joint implementation of the identified measures with k3 mapa in 2015”, comments the director of operations after the presentation of the results of the analysis.

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