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k3 mapa looks back to successful 2017

k3 mapa looks back to successful 2017

Wiesbaden, January 25th 2018. The business year 2017 was a highly successful year for k3 mapa. Clients have profited from k3’s thorough and results oriented consulting approach. 2018 has started promisingly for k3, but clouds for the world economy are ahead.

“2017 was a very successful year for our clients and us. We are very proud to have helped new and existing clients in shaping up their business models,” comments Ulrike Suhr – business development manager at k3.
In fact, during the 2017 review meeting all relevant indicators have proven to be favourable: Successful finished projects, high client feedback scores, additional clients and additional k3 partner.  “From the positive client feed-back and the project reviews we can conclude to have delivered real value to our clients. We will continue to focus on real results for our clients,” points out Thorsten Schuppenhauer – partner of k3 mapa.

“Even though 2017 was in summary a rather successful year for the world economy, some clouds are ahead and seem to have impacts on a global scale – whether in 2018 or later. The increasing public, private and corporate debt and the overvalued stock market increase continuously the possibility of a strong world recession. We urge our clients to take this possibility into account and prepare for such a scenario,” reminds Thorsten Schuppenhauer.

k3 mapa is a top management consulting company which is focused on implementation. All our consultants have at least 10 years international experience, and come from industry champions or the best companies in the consulting world. k3 provides expertise in the core functions of the value chain. It is through this expertise that k3 can help its clients tackle complex cross-functional improvement endeavours (business excellence), function specific interventions (functional excellence) as well as project and interim management (project excellence). For more information: info@k3-mapa.com