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k3 mapa: German managers favour Grexit

k3 mapa: German managers favour Grexit

Wiesbaden, Madrid, August 13th 2015. In the recently realised “k3 Summer Survey 2015” a wide majority of 87% of German managers prefers a Grexit to further financial help to Greece. More than 200 Managers from both DAX listed and midsize companies participated in the survey, which was realised between August 2nd and August 12th.

There seems to be a very clear understanding among Managers in Germany how to continue with the ongoing Euro crisis and the incapability of Greece to fulfil the basic requirements of the monetary union. About 87% of the participating managers in the k3 Summer Survey 2015 prefer Greece to leave the Eurozone rather than to give Greece further financial support from member states or indirectly from the European Central Bank (ECB).
“Some of the participating managers who work in Germany are actually of Spanish nationality. Among them, the pro-Grexit share is even higher. It seems that the Spanish managers recognise that drastic reforms needed to be taken in Spain and want Greece to reform as well. However, the participants might have come to the conclusion that major reforms will not take place while financial support is given to Greece”, comments Lourdes Ramirez, head of k3 mapa office in Madrid, Spain.

Further economic sanctions against Russia are strongly rejected

More than 68% of the German managers see Russia as a long-term strategic partner, who needs to be integrated into the world economy rather than isolated. The chairman of the supervisory boards of E.ON and Bayer – Werner Wenning – does not „want to cut the relations with Moscow“. Werner Wenning is also supervisory board member of Siemens and Henkel.
In parallel to Wenning, almost 81% of the German managers reject further economic sanctions against Russia.
“While the German politicians have maneuvered themselves into a difficult situation with Russia, the German managers demonstrate much more pragmatism and understand it is in the interest of Germany and the German economy to create a balanced relationship with Russia” comments Thorsten Schuppenhauer, managing director of k3 mapa, the strong rejection of further sanctions against Russia.

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