k3 mapa finishes turn-around of international transport company

Wiesbaden, May 6th 2022. k3 mapa has successfully finished a turn-around project with an international transport & logistics company. During the project costs were reduced, liquidity enhanced & overall profitability improved. During the final statement the CEO demonstrated his deep satisfaction with the project. 

In 2020 the transport & logistics company suffered turnover losses. It did not react quickly enough to compensate the difficult market environment. A turn-around project was needed and the CEO decided to bring on board external know how. During the start of the project first a low-cost-consultancy was engaged by the CEO – but very soon the consultancy was dismissed: “they were a little bit cheaper, but they did not deliver at all”.  Then, – as the pressure to improve grew –  the engagement of a premium price consultancy was considered –  but the engagement also dismissed: “we did not need a triple MBA / PhD consultant from the London School of Economics who explains the ivory tower world by drawing nice Powerpoint slides. We needed an experienced, down-to-earth, hands-on, smart, educated and humorous consultant, who knows how to manage teams & deliver results. Therefore we engaged k3.”  

k3 managing director Thorsten Schuppenhauer emphasised: “We are glad to have helped to company. Once again we have demonstrated our motto in practice: ‘good price & good results’ ”.

k3 mapa is a top management consulting company which is focused on implementation. All our consultants have at least 10 years international experience, and come from industry champions or the best companies in the consulting world. k3 provides expertise in the core functions of the value chain. It is through this expertise that k3 can help its clients tackle complex cross-functional improvement endeavours (business excellence), function specific interventions (functional excellence) as well as project and interim management (project excellence). For more information: www.k3-mapa.com or info@k3-mapa.com

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