k3 mapa: are you prepared for 2022?

Wiesbaden, November 14th 2021. As we highlighted in our recent press release, we strongly believe the – still increasing – inflation will continue to exist in 2022. But, also the existing supply chain issues will be an important topic the next years. How well are you prepared for the next years?

As we argued in our last press release, both – money supply & disrupted supply chains – will drive inflation for a longer period and these developments are accepted by the central banks, as it helps to bring down the unsustainable global high debt levels. The increasing inflation (August 2021: September 2021: October 2021: 6,2%) and the existing supply chain issues might radically change some budget assumptions. 

1. Sales: how are your customers positioned and can they guarantee a – more or less – stable sales forecast? How many of your customers are among the 10–20% zombie companies? Will they survive 2022?

2. Liquidity: How well do you manage your liquidity? How well do you manage your outstanding accounts – considering the 10–20% Zombies?

3. Costs: how well are you prepared to reduce fixed costs – if needed? What are your options? What is your plan B?

4. Supply chain: How stable is the supply? What are the options? go Lean? more or less stock? Sourcing areas? delivery times?

Some of our clients are aware of the issues ahead and prepare accordingly, others – unfortunately – believe the worst will be over in 2022.

The future is by definition unknown and difficult to predict. However, 2020 and 2021 were difficult times for many companies – “it is always wise to be prepared for a downturn in 2022” as k3 mapa managing director Thorsten Schuppenhauer indicates. 

k3 mapa is a top management consulting company which is focused on implementation. All our consultants have at least 10 years international experience, and come from industry champions or the best companies in the consulting world. k3 provides expertise in the core functions of the value chain. It is through this expertise that k3 can help its clients tackle complex cross-functional improvement endeavours (business excellence), function specific interventions (functional excellence) as well as project and interim management (project excellence). For more information: www.k3-mapa.com or info@k3-mapa.com

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